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Faith Lehane
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Its frustrating I like Dawnie, she's a good kid and she's still missing. Sam too.

Okay all my bitching and complaining about B and Dean. I hope that they're okay, and that Gabe gives them a hard time. They so deserve it, both of them.

I'm looking for takers on the Jersey Devil case. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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So this journal thing seems kinda dumb. I talked to Reggie about it. She asked me to post something once in a while so that I'm checking in. I'm calling her back thought that might be enough. Whatever. I'm here.

I'm worried about Dawn. She's got skills to handle things thrown her way. Sam seems like a good guy and can handle himself and maybe look after D, ya know. Little Miss perfect, B well she is Thee Slayer. And Jackass, I'm sorry you might know him as Dean. He's clearly good enough to take care of himself and if not hope B's around to snatch him out of trouble yo.

Okay see this is way more than I wanted to say. Dumb Journal.

She'd been awake when Dawn came back to the room. She looked at D as she explained that they were getting more reinforcements. Which also meant that Buffy was coming.

She didn't really like B, but she could work with her. She was also glad to her that Angel was coming too as the rest of the Scoobies. She knew she was going to go stir crazy just sitting there. Dawn also mentioned that she could go see if Golden had any vampire problems if she wanted. She just might.

She'd have to see how it was going to go.

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Faith really liked Dawn. She was all the fun that Buffy could be with 60% less sanctimonious bullshit.

Still, that didn't mean that Faith didn't occasionally want to say "Look here Little Missy…"

She took a deep breath and swallowed that urge down.

She should be happy for any amount of youth or innocence Dawn still had after all the craziness of Apocalypses and living on the Hellmouth and all.

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Faith headed back to the motel to get her stuff together.

Her personal stuff fit into a small backpack – some clothes, shampoo, and her cell phone charger.

The weapons bag – that was another story. She sorted through her stash, settling on a collapsible crossbow that fired bolts and stakes, some of her favorite knives, and the usual compliment of stakes.

She shoved the rest into a spare duffel. It could all stay here, shoved into the spare wheel well in the trunk, hidden beneath the trunk floor.

She took a quick look around her room, not expecting to find anything. Never unpacking made repacking pretty easy when it came time to move on. And it was always time to move on with Faith.

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Dawn was playing around with these things, something about "bonding on the road"...

Yeah, I must have been taking a leak when they were passing out that patience but otherwise, yeah, maybe.

*rolls eyes* I love Dawn, but if she wants us to braid each other's hair, I'm walking to Colorado.

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Need to tell Faith something? Have some feedback for her typist?

Here's the place, folks.

FAITH'S VOICEMAIL: Yo, it's Faith. Tell me who you are and what you want and I'll call you back if I feel like it.

*mumbling in the background*

Ok, fine. Reggie says I have to call you back, so I guess I will.

(As for the title, yeah - like Faith's going to carry a purse. I don't fucking think so...)

It was no big secret that Faith didn't excel at that whole "plays well with others" thing, but she was going to give this Foundation thing a fighting chance at least.

She was a little tweaked that Bobby felt the need to read her the riot act over the obvious friction with she and Dean but she had a funny feeling Bobby wouldn't hesitate to tell Dean the same thing so maybe that was okay.

Less than 48 hours with Phoenix Foundation and already some big evil was coming to kill them all.

She supposed she shouldn't have expected any different and really, the biggest surprise was that it was after the Winchesters and not her.

Faith stretched and waited for Reggie to give them the full 411 on this Zach person.

Faster they got this settled, the faster they could actually get out of here and go work a case.

And, chided an inner voice, your new teammates can prove themselves IF you give them half a chance.

Faith shook her head as if to clear the voice. Fine. She'd let them do their own thing until one of them got hurt.

If part of her was hoping for some sort of true teamwork, folks she could count on to have her back and stand strong in a fight – well, that part was busy having its nose rubbed in dirt and its lunch money stolen by the rest of her.

Faith only half-tuned in to the bad movie on cable.

The meeting at the Foundation had been – interesting. Dawn had already given her a good rundown so it wasn't like she'd gone expecting some big meeting, but the other recruits – they were not quite what she'd been expecting.

It was like Regina Crane had gone out of her way to find only those people who played very poorly with others. The Winchester brothers wore a look of constant suspicion and, after their run in with one of the souled vamps, seemed ready to take a swing at the next unpleasant surprise that came their way. The dude with them, Bobby, seemed calmer but Faith suspected he was just better at hiding what he was thinking.

She was curious what kind of skills the Hunters had, being only human and all.

Wouldn't know more about this whole Foundation thing until Ms. Crane saw fit to tell them more and wouldn't know a damned thing about these hunters until she saw them in action.

Never one to worry, Faith shrugged and picked up the room service menu. She could do with a snack and the perv that had tried to mug her a few blocks from the Foundation's offices had contributed nicely to her ready cash. Faith snickered, remembering the shock on his face when his victim had turned out to be anything but.

It was almost as funny as the looked he'd gotten when she kneed him hard enough that his balls nearly shot out his nose. Asshole.

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She'd planned for two days, but once she got behind the wheel, the tired never came.

She'd stopped a few times for coffee or pee breaks but there was a restlessness in her that just wouldn't let her stop for long.

If Faith were anyone BUT Faith, she might call that restless feeling "excitement".

However, being herself, Faith called it "hunger". Every mile closer, the imagined taste of a nice, hot In-and-Out burger grew stronger.

Dinner. Then scoping out the Scooby Toos.

Faith grinned at the thought of a 3 x3, animal style and icy coke to wash it down.

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